Flophouse jr

Flophouse jr creates fractured Americana with chamber orchestrations and lo-fi electronic embellishments. Singer-songwriter Jon Wood juggles electric and acoustic guitar, bass and kick. Ed Goodine does his magic on drums. Belinda adds vocals, keys and percussion.


Belinda rides this little steel horse into folk-pop territory with catchy quirky tunes and a roving posse of musicians that has included Emily Milliken on vocals and ukulele, Kathleen Nisbet on vocals and fiddle, Ryen Froggatt on bass, Jon Wood on electric guitar and Ed Goodine on drums.



Glittering Kingdom

Glittering Kingdom spun a sparkly web of sonic alchemy, slacklining between lonely circus swing, prohibition-era jazz, folk noir and post-apocalyptic acoustic. Taking cue from the gypsy conductor behind the veil, these four gals twisted and braided fine harmonies amidst guitar, accordion, saw, harmonica, melodica, kazoo and tinkly percussion.

Glittering Kingdom: Lindy Gray, Katheryn Petersen, Jen Rashleigh and Belinda Bruce



The Victory Girls

The Victory Girls were a 1940s-style jazz vocal trio. Cloned from the DNA of the Andrews Sisters, these harmonic babes (l to r: Mildred, BB, Coko) were inspired by a cappella, 1940s rhythms and ambidextrous finger snaps. Known for a live show that got toes tappin’ and fingers snappin’, these Vancouver-based gals sang everything from classic swing era hits to contemporary numbers in a jazzy three-part harmony style. Performances included the Remembrance Day Concert with Dal Richards at Maple Ridge Act Theatre, Vancouver’s Downtown Street Beats Festival, the Spirit of the Sea Festival in White Rock, BC, and the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

The Victory Girls: Kim Goodliffe, Belinda Bruce, Connie Kostiuk



Belinda Bruce & the Tawny Stars

A roots rock outfit of shimmer and shake, dirt and dazzle. Belinda crafted all the songs on their debut album The Good Life (except “Too Bad” by Jane Gowan), a series of tales about bruised hearts, meandering highways, lost dreams and secret lives, that burst to life with the talents of Jane Gowan on trumpet, accordion and Rhodes; Jon Wood on electric guitar and steel; Matt Brain on drums and Ryen Froggatt on bass.



The Auster Sisters

A captivating folk duo featuring Belinda (guitar, melodica, vocals) and Jane Gowan (guitar, accordion, vocals), that takes their name from a shared love of Paul Auster lit. Wine-and-whiskey kitchen-party tunes with fetching harmonies and charming tales.